Tuesday, 8 September 2009

sentimental cat poetry

This is a collaboration with illustrator extraordinaire Richard Dinnis. We were selected for a scheme to help recently graduated arty types by putting on a show, they suggested the possibility of making new work for it so we got together (actually Rich had moved to Penzance and I was in Norfolk, so not actually geographically together) and made this.

Illustration and script: Richard Dinnis

Voice over and additional scripting: Jack Underwood

Animation and music: Me

Sentimental Cat Poetry

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

micro residency...

I just finished my short stay in London at the 2 Jonnys project space. As promised I used this opportunity to test drive my micro motion control jib. Despite it being alot of work, predictably technical things going wrong, ideas failing after trying them (attempting to do 15 minutes animation in 1 day (what was I thinking?!)) and only having 3 days to make it, I had a great time and am very pleased with how the jib works. The bit of work I made is called 'Motion control dream sequence', its quite unnecessarily long so i'll probably edit it down some time soon...

Motion Contol Dream Sequence from michael page on Vimeo.

P.S. Please be aware it was all made in 3 days and the post production and sound was all done while JJ & J went down the shops to ingredients for the grand chilli cook off:


P.P.S if you can name the keyboad that is providing the sound you win an mystery prize!