Saturday, 15 September 2012

sound sculpture idea

This is partially inspired by a talk by  Yashas Setty when he discussed the idea of an organic modular sythesizer.  Also by a radio theramin piece by my friend Joanna Haywood.

I will make this sometime soon.  I just saw a butterfly out the window.  The way it moves would also sound truly cool!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

New design

I realised that I wouldnt have access to a laser cutter for a while as I am leaving my job and leaving London (and its hackspace).  So I thought I'd better get any PCB making done quick sharp.  Here is the new rotary switch design.  Its sort of a compromise as it doesnt try and do a few things that the previous finished and other hypotesised versions were trying to do ((actualised) virtual stepless sequencing / hypotheisied acutal stepless sequencing, and polyrythmic patterns/logic gate fun) however I decided it was time to simplify a bit to try and get something that actually works well enough.  Here is the design!